Free WoW game server: WoW Circle. You need the clients from 2.4.3 till 5.4.8 patches to play on our server. Everyday updates and fixes. More than 50000 players.


Custom Rates, Mutiple realms, Working cataclysm content, Archaeology, Transmogrification, Guild Advancement Perks, Dungeons, Raids, Mastery, Reforge, Conquest Points, Spells, talents, all working.


Old Moltenwow private server. Realms WOTLK DEATHWING, RAGNAROS, BLACKROCK. Realms Cata: NELTHARION, WARSONG. Realm MoP: FROSTWOLF.


Working Instances, Intense Pvp High Uptime, Daily Events, Malls in Stormwind, Orgrimmar, and Shattrath, Portals to Arenas and Major Cities, Fully Scripted, Active Gms, 24/7 support, Quality Gaming.


Two realms and a high population of players online: MONSTER 4.3.4 -12x Rates and RAGNAROS 5.0.5-5.4.8- 12x Rates, All New Contents, High Uptime, Balanced classes, Working Instances, Active Staff.


High quality server, 2 Realms: Frostmourne- Wotlk content which is constantly optimized by our developers and FrostBerry Realm: Cataclysm which provide our players new challenges everyday.


Dynamic Vmaps, Archaeology, Guild System, Rated Battlegrounds, Goblin and Worgen fully scripted, Pet System, Scripted Normal/Heroic 406a raids and dungeons, Scripted Barad/WG/BG/Arena, Daily updates.

World of The Gods

Very Secure dedicated server, WotLK 3.3.5a/Cata 4.3.4, High Population, Level 255 and Instant 80 realms, 1000+ customs, New custom Instances, Working all Battlegrounds/Arenas, Vote items, Donor items.


Working Worgen, Goblin, and 80+ Zones, 98 Percent Quests Fixed, Challenging Dungeons and Raids, Warm Community. Join us.

Titans of Wow

Experience rate: 25x, Gold rate: 30x Item: 7x, Occupation: 1x, Reputation: 1x, PvP and PvE Events, Anticheat System, Helpful and Active Staff Team.

Reign of Darkness

Hispanic Server, Cataclysm 4.3.4, Blizzlike x3 Archaeology, Rated Battlegrounds ,Daily updates, Firelands , Baradin Hold , Dragon Soul, Lag Free, Professionally maintained, New Armors, New Raids.


Customs malls, quests, raids, instances, Tons of custom gear and weapons to obtain, Exceptional staff, DDoS-protected, Lag-free, Active and fully-featured forums, Countless other custom features.


Active PvP and battleground, PvP Arena, PvE Dungeon, Profession Area, Casino, Custom Mall, Armory, Active and Helpful Staff, Friendly Community, Custom instances, Custom bosses.


French Cataclysm server, Our rates: Xp: 10, Quest: x10, Drop : x, Honour: x, Reputation: x1, Archaeology, Pathfinding, Anticheat system.


Pet Journal, Dungeon/Raid finder, Anti-cheat, Battlegrounds, Ultimate performance, Daily fixes. BattleDale is aimed to become the most sophisticated community of gamers.

Ivalice Sienna

Balanced classes, Rates x3, No lags, PVP Arena S10, Extreme stability, The most amazing PvE CHALLENGES ever seen on a private server, Dragon Soul, Descent Blackwing, Bastion of Twilight.


Instant 80 , Instant 85 And 90 Realms , All New Contents, High Uptime , Working Instances, Helpful And Friendly Staff, Great Support, 24/7, Vote Shop, Donate Shop.


[255 Level Cap 335a][4.3.4[Fun realm x100 335a][New Race like Pandaren, Naga, High Elf etc][21000+ Custom Items][Amazing Custom and scripted Instances][Custom Quests][Working BG and Arena][Custom Mall

Unlimited Gaming

A true Private Server community, lead by developers! Realm 1: 4.3.4 instant 85, PvP [Tournament], PvE, Fun, powered by RazorCore & RazorDatabase - witness content never seen in private servers before.

Gods Of Warcraft - 4.3.4 Cataclysm

[Fully Custom PvP Funserver][100% Blizz Rates Server][Custom T-mog][Fully Customized PvP Zone][Custom Scripted Battle for Halaa][Custom Scripted World PvP quests][Fresh Funserver Concept]